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Apple’s Health Records Will Store All Your Health Data in One Place

iPhone and Apple WatchApple opened its Health Records API to all app developers this month. The feature enables iPhone users to access and store all their health data on their devices to get an overview of their health.

Developers will use the API to create new, more engaging health apps. Apple first announced that the API will be opened, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday.

The apps that can be created based on the API will enable users to keep a closer watch on their health. They will also be able to manage their medication and diets more easily.

Apple’s CFO Jeff Williams explained the company’s latest move. According to Williams, Health Records will empower consumers as medical data is the most important private data a person has.

With the new API and HealthKit data, consumers will have a “holistic view” of their data and will be able to keep a close eye on potential disease and conditions. Patients will also be able to personalize their medical needs via the new apps that they can use on a daily basis.

Apple to Launch More Health Apps This Fall

Apple plans to launch a series of health apps using the new API this fall when the macOS Mojave and iOS 12 are expected to be launched. The health-related apps will enable users to monitor their medical history across many levels.

For instance, Medisafe will enable users to connect to Health Records and import their prescriptions and keep track of the pills they need to take. The app offers a pill reminder and a list of side-effects for each medication. Medisafe will issue notifications on drugs that are linked to severe drug effects or negative interactions with other drugs.

Apple plans to launch a diabetes app that can import lab results via the Health Records API. The iOS HealthKit will enable users to stay on track with their diet and exercise regimen.
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