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Global Smartphone Sales on the Rise Again after Months-Long Decline

Woman using an iPhone Earlier this year, a global survey revealed that smartphone sales shrank for the first time in more than a decade. The decline was not by a lot, but it was still a decline. Analysts and manufacturers were concerned that the trend could last for months.

But at the end of this year’s first quarter, global smartphone sales bounced back, and the most obvious winners are Chinese smartphone makers. Of those, Huawei and Xiaomi had the most spectacular rise.

While mobile phone sales increased globally, some manufacturers’ sales stalled or decreased. Even though it remains the world’s number one smartphone seller, Samsung saw its sales slightly drop this last quarter.

Samsung is now facing rabid competition from Chinese phone makers across all tiers. Also, consumers’ declining interest in premium smartphones bit deep into South Korean electronics giant’s sales.

Apple Behind Samsung

Meanwhile, Apple was able to catch up and hold onto the second spot despite delaying its sales this year. Many Apple fans were discouraged by the latest iPhones’ retail prices, especially the company’s 10th anniversary iPhone X.

Apple plans to change tactics this year and launch an LCD smartphone that looks like the iPhone X but is more affordable.

This year, Huawei hasn’t budged from its third spot when it comes to sales. Also, its sales saw a slight increase. The Chinese giant could have fared a lot better this year if it weren’t caught in a political scandal in the United States. Meanwhile, ZTE is the hot seat, with Washington banning the equipment manufacturer from selling its merchandise in the U.S.

The smartphone maker with the largest increase is Xiaomi, whose smartphone sales jumped 124% from last year’s levels. Xiaomi fared so well despite not launching its smartphones in the U.S.

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