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Need a Plumber? Ask Facebook

Plumber action figureDo you need a plumber, house cleaner, or another home service professional? Facebook has partnered with Handy, Home advisor, and Porch to offer you the right man for the job.

You will be able to contact a professional via the website’s Marketplace, which will add a new section called “Service.” After the change, house cleaners, plumbers, and other home improvement pros will be just a few clicks away.

Facebook’s Marketplace currently has 214 million American and Canadian users. The new section will be rolled out only in the United States for the moment.

Porch CEO Matt Ehrlichman explained that the startup’s mission is to become a “partner for the home.” This can be achieved by allowing homeowners to find the best professionals in their neighborhood.

With a presence on Facebook Marketplace, Porch is confident that its mission can be forwarded while also empowering each other’s local communities. Facebook users can now have the “top pros” in their community at their fingertips.

Handy, HomeAdvisor, and Porch Combining Their Powers

Handy, HomeAdvisor, and Porch will enable homeowners to make an informed choice when accessing a professional’s services. Users will be able to access contractors’ location, reviews, rates, and accreditation.

Facebook will mix all the capabilities of the three companies into a single place. It will also offer users a simple communications method through its Messenger.

The tech giant said that the move was spurred by the high demand for home service professionals in the United States. According to the social media giant’s algorithms, home services recommendations are among the top search queries on the website.

Users will be able to access Marketplace to find professionals that can help them finish off the job. The company plans to add new categories to the Services section in the future, but Home services is the first category.
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