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Love Late Night Tweeting? Twitter Now Has a Night Mode

Laptop o a bed in a dark roomTwitter’s app for Windows also known as the Progressive Web App has recently gained a “night mode.” The feature has been in high demand in recent years, and now it is finally here.

Night mode will prevent night owls from burning their retinas when staring at a screen in the dark. The feature is very similar to the app’s dark theme. Darker colors in night mode keep the risk of eye sore to a minimum while scrolling for new tweets.

The tweets will appear on a dark blue background, which is more eye-friendly than the usual background.

The PWA has added extra features in the meanwhile, not just a dark mode. It is now sporting live updates for retweets, like counts, and replies. It is also easier to make the switch from the tweet box and your timeline thanks to the Tweet compose box.

Night Mode is Eye-Friendly

It is worth noting that in a PWA the new features do not need a new update to be added to the app. You should see the new features the next time you launch the app. Night mode should be the first feature to be rolled out.

You can turn on the mode from your profile picture in the top corner of the timeline. There you should see the Night Mode and be able to switch it on. Windows 10 users will have the mode turned on by default if they are using the operating system’s in-built dark mode.

Past studies have shown that the blue light emitted by most electronic devices can silently and irreversibly damage your retina. When the eye is bombarded by too many photons, eye cells start to chemically destroy themselves.
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