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Consumer Reports Not Endorsing Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3Consumer Reports is not so sure about the safety of Tesla Model 3, so it refused to give its much-sought-after nod on Monday. Instead, the magazine gave its seal of approval to the Tesla Model S, which is one of the best vehicles it has tested.

The news outlet praised the Model 3 for its driving range, acceleration, and handling, which makes it a strong rival against the BMW 3-series and the Audi A4. Tesla’s luxury car hit 60 miles in less than 5.5 seconds, while its handling is as smooth as that of a Porsche Boxter.

However, Model 3 lags greatly behind other brands when it comes to emergency braking. In tests, the vehicle needed 152 feet to come to a complete halt at 60 mph. By contrast, a Ford F-150 needed 145 feet to brake at the same speed. Model 3 lags behind other sports car by 20 feet on average in emergency braking.

Also, the car’s braking performance varies greatly from one test to another. Tesla’s tests have shown that the car can brake faster than in tests from independent experts.

Model 3 Lacks Good Control

Consumer Reports was also unimpressed with the electric vehicle’s controls. The overall layout of the control system, which is a touchscreen near the driver, forces the driver to take his hands off the wheel and eyes off the road even for simple tasks.

The touchscreen needs your full attention for changing the position of side mirrors or adjusting the air flow on the dashboard. This makes the car less safe, as the driver keeps his eyes off the road too much, according to the publication.

The magazine also downvoted the car for its rigid rear seats, firm ride, and speeding noise. But the weak braking system is what convinced Consumer Reports not to endorse Tesla’s all-electric luxury liftback.
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