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Valve Launches App for Streaming Games to Android, iOS

Scene from Aliens: Colonial MarinesOn Thursday, Valve rolled out an app for streaming games to Android and iOS devices dubbed Steam Link. The new app enables game fans to connect their game library via an iOS or Android device, including TVs as long as you are logged in a Steam’s cloud system.

Like other host systems, Steam needs an Ethernet connection or 5GHz between the router and the PC or Mac (aka the host) and the host and the mobile device. The app includes several interesting new features including voice chat, multi-party controller capability, and tablet support.

The Android version of the app is still in beta, while the iOS version has not been yet approved by Apple.

Valve is not the only firm to place a bet on cloud gaming, i.e. a system that allows multiple devices to share the same network with the host device (PC, Mac, or TV). Nvidia has launched GeForce Now, which is in beta but looks promising.

Setting Up the System

Valve’s Steam mobile app needs to be improved both the inside and outside, as the app lacks some critical functions and looks unpolished. So, a clean user interface for mobile is a great surprise.

To set up the app, go to your host system’s Steam application and turn on the home streaming feature. When launched, Steam’s streaming is showing the streamed game, completely taking over your device. The phone or the streaming box needs to be connected to the same network for it to work.

Next, connect the Steam controller to your device via Bluetooth. Earlier this month, Steam rolled out Bluetooth support for the controller.

Finally, launch the Steam app on your mobile device and connect to the host system. Ensure you have a bandwidth of 30Mbs (minimum 15 Mbs) for the best resolution.
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