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YouTube’s New Music Subscription Service Costs $9.99/Month

YouTube Red adOn Tuesday, Google launched a premium version of its tremendously popular YouTube Music service, which costs $9.99 per month. The new music subscription service is expected to become a replacement to Google Play Music by next year.

Google Play Music has failed to match the popularity of similar services like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music. The service has a free service. The new service will be more compatible with the Google Assistant.

The AI-powered assistant is instructed to make music suggestion based on what type of music you enjoy. YouTube is still the world’s number one service for online music, but most of its 1.5 billion users listen to the ad-supported music for free.

This is why YouTube has a hard time with convincing users to become paying subscribers. By contrast, Spotify has 75 million paying members and Apple Music has 50 million.

Google Play Music Gone Next Year

It is unclear when Google Play Music will disappear. Sources claim that it could go away next year. The new music service will be gradually released in the United States starting Tuesday. Within the next few weeks, the service should be available in all parts of the country.

The ad-free YouTube Red service will be rebranded as YouTube Premium starting this week. The $9.99 subscription service offers access to original video content, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music while allowing music to be played in the background. The service will see a pricing change as well.

Meanwhile, paying members of YouTube Red and Google Play Music will pay the old fee, while new subscribers will have to pay an extra $2. YouTube Premium will still offer ad-free YouTube and access to original content. Premium subscribers that ditch Music will not benefit from the option.
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