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Android P’s Navigational Moves Strangely Similar to iPhone X’s

the iPhone XAt its developers conference this year, Google unveiled the much-anticipated mobile operating system, Android P, which will power the Pixel devices and other smartphones. Just like the iPhone X, Android P devices will sport some new navigational moves.

But people couldn’t help but wonder if Google’s new Android version copied Apple’s iPhone X when it comes to navigation. However, the Android crowd won’t need as much time as iPhone X users to learn the new moves. iPhone user had to put up with the iPhone X ditching a major component of the flagship smartphone – the Home button.

Another piece of good news is that iPhone X users who want to switch to an Android P device will find an operating system extremely familiar with the latest iOS.

Android P is currently in Beta and the final version will be released this fall. You can switch on the new navigational moves in P by going to Settings>System>Gestures.

After turning on the feature, the Overview button (the square one) or the Recents key in Android will vanish and be replaced by two redesigned buttons. One of the new buttons will act as a Home Button, while the other one as a Back button.

Other Similarities

The iPhone X doesn’t have a back button, but it does share some Gestures with the Android P beta.

If you swipe up to the middle of the screen you’ll unveil several cards or the apps that are running in Android P. You can swipe left or right to scroll through the open apps and tap on a card to bring an app into full view.

iPhone X has very similar navigational gestures. The only difference is how the iPhone X closes an app. While in Android P, you have to swipe up over an open app to dismiss it, in iOS you must press down on the card symbolizing the open up until a red symbol appears. At that point, you can swipe up to kill the app.
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