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Here are the 2018 Google Play Awards Winners

Google will unveil this year’s Google Play Awards winners at the Google I/O gathering during a ceremony aimed to identify the best apps and games uploaded to the platform over the last year.

The purpose of the 2018 Google Play Awards is also to show Google Play users what apps and games are worthy to try. Google wants to highlight the developers that have focused especially on quality and innovation.

In 2018, the nominees are divided into nine categories. The Simple Habit app from Simple Habit Inc was nominated the “Standout Well-Being App” for this year. The Be My Eyes app won the “Best Accessibility Experience” as it can help people with special needs and disability better interact with the environment.

The app with the “Best Social Impact” was the Khan Academy app for its many goals focused on improving education, health, financial literacy, fundraising functions and so on.

Old Man’s Journey Wins the “Standout Indie”

The “Standout Indie” category was won by the Old Man’s Journey game from the Germany-based Broken Rules Interactive Media. The jury was especially impressed with the game’s mechanics, design, and overall polish.

Pocket Gems’ Episode won the “Best Community Building Game” award for connecting players, promoting community building and social interaction.

The “Best AR or VR Experience” was offered by the BBC Earth: Life in VR app for its immersive experience and proper use of the Daydream UI. The Flipkart app won the “Standout Build for Billions Experience” category for its popularity in the developing markets.

The Canva app was given the “Standout Startup” award this year for its impressing organic install growth and superior experience. Small Giant Games’ Empires & Puzzles won 2018’s “Best Breakthrough Hit” category for its extraordinary user engagement and retention, overall experience, and quick growth.
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