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Galaxy S10 Leaks Are Here, Fresh from South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S8According to a recent report from South Korea, Galaxy S10 has a telling codename and some interesting new features. Galaxy S10 will be rolled out next year, but fans are already eager to learn what novelties it might bring to the table.

The Galaxy S8, which revolutionized the S series, had as codename “Dream”. The Galaxy S9 was code-named “Star,” while the S10 will bear the codename “Beyond,” according to South Korea-based newspaper The Bell.  Samsung usually gives a codename to each of its premium handsets.

The Galaxy 10 will also mark the tenth anniversary of the flagship series. So, the handset’s codename may suggest that the phone maker might want to go beyond current technologies and hit new heights. It may herald the making of a truly revolutionary handset.

According to The Bell report, the new Samsung flagship phone won’t have a different design from its previous predecessors. The S10 and the S10 Plus will sport 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch displays respectively and a fingerprint sensor that is embedded in its Infinity Display.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Coming to the S10

The fingerprint sensor has been expected to make a debut with the Galaxy 9 in 2018. It is unclear if the S9 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor, but it is 100% certain that the company will roll it out with the anniversary phone.

The Bell also found that Samsung informed its partners that the new sensor will be launched with the Galaxy S10. Several companies will be designing the in-display sensor including Qualcomm and Synaptics.

It is unclear who the final vendor for the tech will be. The South Korean giant could select multiple vendors to ensure that there will be no shortages if the demand exceeds expectations.

Sources also speculate that the S10 might include a 3D camera to enhance its AR emojis and facial recognition tech. A 3D camera will enable users to make video calls with the emoji filters on.
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