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Huawei Reportedly Building Its Own OS… Just in Case

Huawei P20 ProHuawei now wants to avoid ZTE’s fate in the U.S. where the Chinese company is about to lose its Android license after regulators banned its hardware because of trade violations. With no license, there is no mobile operating system, but Huawei has a backup plan… just in case.

According to the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, the Chinese smartphone maker has been working on its own version of Android ever since the U.S. hit it and ZTE with a probe in 2012. Sources told The Post that the backup OS will be rolled out in a worst-case scenario.

The company reportedly has refused to launch its own OS because its home-brewed software does not match Android’s quality standards, according to insiders.

Huawei recently said that is doesn’t plan to launch an in-house Android rival in the “foreseeable future.” The firm, though, hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors about a backup OS. In 2012, a leak showed that the company was indeed developing a new platform.

Other Tech Giants Building their Own OSs

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Huawei has finished developing a new operating system (OS). Other Asian tech giants have products that sport backup OS in case Android becomes unavailable.

For instance, Samsung has created the Tizen phones. Also, Apple has developed the OS X/macX to no longer depend on PowerPC on Intel.

In addition, all these companies, including Huawei, have their own processors just in case they have to drop American products. Some of Huawei’s products are still using hardware from third-parties.

On the other hand, divorcing Android won’t be easy. With Android out of sight, Huawei will lose access to Google Services internationally. International users may become irritated if they cannot use Google Play or their Google account on the P20 Pro, for example.

In China, Google Services are banned.
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