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Samsung Pay Now Sports Support for PayPal

Samsung PayAfter a recent update, Samsung Pay allows users to make a payment using their PayPal account. The feature was rolled out about one year after the company first announced it.

It wasn’t immediately clear why Samsung took so long in implementing the new feature. The company confirmed that PayPal support is coming to Samsung Pay this week.

As of Monday, Samsung Galaxy S9 models and the Galaxy Note 8 didn’t had access to the new feature. Users were advised to keep an eye on any new updates to Samsung’s mobile wallet.

To see if the feature is there, launch the Samsung Pay app, go to the Wallet tab, and access the plus-shaped icon in the right corner on top of the screen. From there you should be able to add PayPal to the Add Payment Card.

Samsung Pay Better than Google Pay

If it is there, make sure that you secure your PayPal balance with a PIN code. You’ll use that passcode for every transaction involving your PayPal account. Also, the feature will prompt you to choose a source of funding from which funds will be drawn if your PayPal balance is running dry.

Google Pay already has PayPal support, but using Samsung Pay has its benefits. On Google Pay, you can only use PayPal if your device is compatible with the near-field communication (NFC) tech.

Samsung Pay, on the other hand, runs on the MST technology, which enables you to make a payment with PayPal via credit card machines that still need a card swipe to operate. In short, you can access more vendors via Samsung Pay.

By 2022, the world’s mobile payment market is expected to hit the 3.4 billion mark. The annual growth of the market is 33.4%, with more and more people replacing their wallets with their smartphones or smartwatches.
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