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Merging iOS and macOS into Single OS Not Good for the User

Mac computer and iPadAccording to rumors, Apple will be experiencing with cross-platform apps that can run on the iPhone, the iPad, and Mac computers. The firm’s ultimate goal is merging the iOS and macOS into a unique operating system (OS).

However, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, doesn’t think that being a good idea. Even though a universal Apple OS that can power all its gadgets seems practical at least in theory, Cook doesn’t want to apply the idea in practice.

The Apple boss thinks that merging the iOS and macOS would just harm user experience. In 2012, he explained that merging a refrigerator and a toaster is doable, but the hybrid would likely not “be pleasing to the user.”

The chief of the tech giant software engineering unit, Craig Federighi, thinks too that such a move would be a huge compromise. Nevertheless, despite the company’s executives’ feelings, Apple may still try to do it.

Remember that time when Apple said that it would never design a bigger iPhone or a smaller iPad? Well, the company has already broken those promises.

Apple Working on Cross-Platform Apps

Apple’s first steps in that direction are a series of apps that can run on its mobile devices as well as on its Macs. Developers will be allowed to develop the cross-platform apps next year, people with knowledge of the situation said.

Currently, devs have no other option than designing two versions for the same app. One that works on the iOS and another one on the macOS. The process is extremely complicated, which may explain why macOS apps lag behind iOS apps when it comes to updates.

For instance, Twitter users have noticed that the Mac version of Twitter lacks the latest features that can be found in the iOS version. With a universal app, users will get the updates on all their machines at once.
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