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Apple Unveils Its Second Recycling Robot Before Earth Day

Apple's recycling robot DaisyApple Inc. unveiled its second recycling robot less than a week before Earth Day. The new bot, dubbed “Daisy” is an improved version of its first recycling robot, “Liam.”

The company unveiled that Daisy is the exclusive work of its own engineers. Some spare parts were taken from Liam. Daisy in an industrial-grade robot that can break down nine iPhone models and retain the parts that can be later recycled.

The new bot is more efficient than Liam, which was unveiled in 2016. Daisy can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour. Apple claims that its newest recycling robot is a safer alternative to conventional recycling methods which can destroy reusable parts in the recycling process.

Apple also unveiled an extension to its recycling program, called GiveBack. Under the new trade-in program, for each older device traded or turned in at Apple, the iPhone maker will make a small donation to a conservationist nonprofit. The program will run through April 30.

Apple Celebrating Earth Day in Style

On Earth Day (April 22), people are encouraged to go outdoors and enjoy the environment more. Apple made the announcements less than a month after it hit its long-term goal of using only green energy to power its global offices.

Apple will celebrate Earth Day this year by adding green leaves to its logos at several major Apple stores worldwide. In Singapore, the store called Apple Orchard Road is already sporting the green leaf.

In addition, Apple store employees will wear green T-shirts to celebrate the event. The company is rumored to plan a special celebration at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, as well.

Each year, Apple announces its accomplishments concerning the environment on Earth Day. A report detailing the accomplishments between 2017 and 2018 was made public Thursday.
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