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Here’s What Spotify’s Upcoming Update May Include

Spotify app on mobile phoneOn April 24, Spotify is set to unveil a major update which will change the face of the music streaming service. During a recent press event, The Verge obtained exclusive info about the major changes that are likely to be unveiled next week.

Based on the news outlet’s report and multiple other rumors and leaks, the app’s free tier could undergo a major makeover. Leaks suggest that Spotify users will be able to access mobile listening and several other features, as the company is interested in luring in new users.

Many of the free service’s users often convert into paying users to download their favorite music or get rid of the ads. However, Spotify is taking a huge risk as record companies and artists will accept this approach only if conversion rates hit a certain threshold.

Spotify’s Upcoming Update Giving New Tools to Artists

In the U.K., Spotify is reportedly testing the new free service. Testers reported having access to over 700 on-demand songs and more on-demand playlists from the services’ curated collection than usual. The shuffle restrictions for some playlists have not been removed.

The Verge found that the revamped app might sport voice control, too. Also, new artists will have more opportunities for growth, according to Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter’s hints. Spotify confirmed that it is committed to help millions of musicians to further their careers. Artists will have access to analytics and tools like Spotify For Artists.

The music streamer also plans to focus more on exclusives, even though it is aware that exclusives do not benefit musicians. Taylor Swift has already launched an exclusive track on Spotify along with several cover tracks. After April 24, the number of in-house podcasts is expected to grow as well.

Other possible changes include high-definition streaming for a monthly fee and a mystery voice-controlled device for cars.
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