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What Happened to the Uninspiring Designs of BlackBerry?

Few years back, the signature model of the BlackBerry phones used to be the typical, boring design of qwerty handsets, which has, more than often, been copied by the less popular brands and reproduced under different names. But what happened to those? It has been very closely scrutinized and concluded thereafter that BlackBerry has revolutionized its handset designs just as uniquely as it has its user interface. That, nevertheless, is no coincidence, as revealed Todd Wood, BlackBerry Senior Vice President and Don Lindsay, the Vice President of User Experience at BlackBerry Live today.


According to these two eminent and influential men, the architectural designs has gone a long way in influencing several important aspects of the BlackBerry 10 user interface. While Wood accentuated the way shapes and sizes match each other up in the build of the phone, Lindsay stressed more on the relationship between user interface and the design that complimented each other. For example, he mentioned the edge to edge glass screen of the BlackBerry Z10, which was absolutely essential for the gestures that the smartphone depended on.

However, both thoroughly agree on the fact that it is very hard to point down which was given more priority – the design or the UI. They had just set down a list of agreeable goals that they wanted to incorporate in their smartphones, one of which was an innate touch experience. While some aspects are quite obvious and where made on the basis of the design of the phone, there are some strikingly beautiful and innovative aspects that promise to mesmerize anyone.


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