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Google added 10 more apps to Chromecast, including VEVO, RealPlayer and Songza

Just in time of holiday season, Google has announced that it will be adding 10 more popular apps to its Chromecast, a $35 HDMI TV dongle to stream laptop/computer contents as well as online contents to the televisions.


Google said that Chromecast will now support VEVO, Songza, Viki, Revision 3, Red Bull.TV, Post TV and BeyondPod apps, where the new Plex, RealPlayer and Avia cloud apps will help you to push your personal media to the televisions.

When the Big G released the Chromecast on July 2013, there were only 5 supported apps – Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play TV and Movies. Later, Chromecast starts supporting HBO Go in November and Pandora also has been added to the list in September. Now, with these additional added services will bring joy to those people, who jumped and bought the $35 dongle when it was launched and kept it idle somewhere for not “much” uses of it.

However, few of these ten apps seems a bit redundant, but it will give more choice to the device owners to choose from wide variety of applications depending on their personal taste.

Although the exact release dates are not revealed, Google said that these updated apps will be rolled out in “coming days”. Better keep watch for the update notification on your Chromecast.


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