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Silicon Valley’s Favorite Meal-Replacement Drinks Coming to Walmart

Soylent meal-replacement drinkWalmart will reportedly start selling Soylent meal-replacement drinks from Rosa Foods in 450 stores in the United States. The Soylent meal replacement is extremely popular in the tech world, but Walmart now wants it to go mainstream.

Last year, 7-Eleven was the first brick-and mortar retailer to sell the drinks at its locations.

Rosa Foods unveiled Wednesday that Walmart will start selling the drinks. Soylent fans can search for the nearest location selling their favorite meal replacement on the company’s website. In 2017, Soylent reached 7-Eleven’s 2,500 stores. Before that deal, the drink was only available online via Amazon or the startup’s website.

According to Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley, the product is designed to replace unhealthy and unsustainable food with a healthier option.

Silicon Valley is very fond of the meal replacement shake due to its tech-centric approach. The company’s former CEO Rob Rhinehart was the head of the project which led to the birth of the geeky meal-replacement drinks.

Soylent Is “Open Source”

Rhinehart envisioned a future in which traditional foods are replaced with raw ingredients to save money and time. He designed the product as an “open source” item which allowed people to improve the recipe. Soylent started as a tech startup.

Soylent is a community of people who are enthusiastic about using science to improve food and nutrition,

said a spokesperson for Andreessen Horowitz, after the firm had poured $20 million in Soylent three years ago.

At the time, Andreessen Horowitz insisted that the startup is not just another food company. However, as Soylent starts reaching more people, it could alienate its Silicon Valley fan base.

Until early 2016, the drink had a single flavor aka Soylent Original, and two forms: liquid or powder. Later that year, the company rolled out Soylent Coffiest which came in four different flavors: Café Chai, Nectar, Cacao, and Café Vanilla.
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