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Twitter adds photo sharing on direct messages and swipe between timeline for mobile and web

Twitter has added a new photo sharing feature via DMs (direct messages) on mobile apps as well as directly on web through the Twitter microblogging social media website.


Along with the photo sharing via direct messages, Twitter also added a new feature, which will allow you to swipe to move between the timelines. There are some other tweaks introduced on iOS and Android applications separately.

In iOS, Twitter app will allow you to see the in-app notifications, which show you if you get any direct messages, favorites your tweets . retweets as well as if reply to your tweets, while Twitter for Android lets you turn on mobile notifications for certain users (as you wish) easily by tapping on the star icon on those user’s profile.

Twitter announced in its official blog post,

“For the first time, you can share and view photos via direct message (DM) on your mobile phone. We’ve also introduced a new tab in the navigation bar that makes it easy to access DMs—they’re just one tap away from wherever you are on Twitter.”

Similar to Facebook, now Twitter has to bring new features and tweaks every now and then to keep up with the investors interest, especially after filing the IPO. The investors want only the results and Twitter seems to be focused on delivering those expectations. Recently, it tightened its encrypting protocols, launched custom timelines and expanded video-sharing app – Vine to Windows Phone platform.

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