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Here’s Why Apple’s 2018 iPad Is the Best Mid-Range Tablet Out There

Here’s why Apple’s 2018 iPad may have the best value for your dollar: it has support for millions of apps, an Apple pencil, and comes with a lightning fast microprocessor. Tech magazines agreed that at $329 or $299 for students, the new iPad is the best choice you can make when it comes to buying a tablet that won’t let you down.

Apple’s sixth-generation iPad is the best choice if you’re interested in content consumption, but it can also be a powerful tool for creation and studying. Apple is already pushing the new tablet into the nation’s schools despite the rabid competition from Chromebooks.

The new iPad looks no different than last years’ model and is compatible with the same accessories. The two iPads have the same size and weight, which gives the 2018 iPad a familiar look. A big plus is that the tablet has a headphone jack and is compatible with cheap cases in case you want to want to use it in class.

A Faster Processor and a Stylus

The latest iPad model is powered by the same processor in the iPhone 7, the A10 processor. This makes the device a lot faster than the previous generation, but not faster than the iPad Pro models.

However, despite the enhanced processing speed, apps launch and run at the same speed. The difference can be spotted in Augmented Reality (AR) apps. On the new iPad, AR apps no longer stutter like they do on the fifth generation. Also, testers couldn’t find many games that pushed the limits of the new device.

Another big plus of the sixth generation is the Apple Pencil, which performs wonderfully on a mid-range tablet. The stylus ($99) has a high precision and absolutely no lag, offering an experience similar to the iPad Pro. The Pencil is moving faster than the screen and offers a superior tilt support.
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