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Google App Makes It Easier to Choose a Movie on Your Liking

X-Men: ApocalypseGoogle has unveiled a new feature for its Google app and mobile browser that enables you to check the movies in nearby theaters, reviews, and pricing. The feature will be available starting April 3 in the United States and India.

In recent years, subscription-based movie ticketing services like MoviePass have drawn larger crowds into the nation’s movie theaters. Two years ago, around two-thirds of Americans said they watched at least one movie playing in their local theaters.

Nowadays, most people browse the Internet to see what’s new and if it is worth watching. This is why, Google decided to make those people’s lives easier by launching a product that streamlines the process when they “google” a movie on their mobile devices.

Google Could Improve Movie Experience

You will be able to see full lists of movies in your local theaters and learn more about those movies that are on your liking. By taping on a title you’ll be able to read a synopsis, see the review scores, and even a Rotten Tomatoes rating. The feature also shows showtimes for all nearby theaters and enables movie goers to buy tickets online.

It is not the first time the web search giant focuses on entertainment. Several days ago, it updated its Google Play Movies app on Android devices. The app enables users to sift through the movies and shows that are currently streaming.

Google Play Movies & TV is very similar to Apple’s TV app as it collects data from the nation’s largest streaming services and offers it to binge watchers.

The new feature was only rolled out for the U.S. and Indian markets, but it is expected to reach other parts of the globe soon. To try it out just look for a movie on Google or simply access the Google app on your Android device.
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