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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Bids Microtransactions Goodbye

Middle-Earth Shadow of WarMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War announced on its community page that it will remove microtransactions over the next few months and give players the new updates for free.

One of last year’s most anticipated games will ditch War Chests, Gold, and the Market in the move. When it was first released, the title was packed with microtransactions, which drew a lot of criticism from fans.

The game’s developer Monolith has not dismissed the feedback and plans to permanently remove microtransactions from the system. The company is also working on multiple updates free of charge.

In a blog post, the company explained that the latest decision was spurred by a need to “update and improve the experience.” The incoming new updates are designed to offer the community the best game experience developers possibly can.

Microtransactions Are Killing the Game Experience

Monolith acknowledged that the Market creates an imbalance in the Nemesis system as players are able to buy Orcs directly in the Market. These transactions have put at risk the very core of the game, which is the Nemesis system.

Players who are being aware that they can access the Market whenever they want are less motivated to build their own strongholds and armies. This is why, the Market, Gold, and War chests will be “permanently deleted” from the system.

As a result, players will no longer be able to use their hard-earned dollars to purchase Gold or orc followers in the Market or from War Chests. Players who have already purchased those items will have a “specific amount of time to use them. If they fail to spend all the Gold, the remaining virtual coins will be converted into in-game items.

Monolith also promised to update the Shadow Wars campaign’s fortress defense missions with more “narrative elements”.
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