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Google Bringing Google Home and Mini to India This Month

The Google Home smart speakerGoogle plans to launch the Google Home and Google Mini on the Indian market in April, according to Redington India’s retail partners. The news should not come as a surprise, as the voice-activated Google Assistant started speaking Hindi in February.

Google Home’s rivals, the Echo Plus, Echo Dot and Echo from Amazon, have already been launched in India. The recent moves may suggest that battle for the voice assistant market has gotten hotter. The only drawback of Amazon’s Alexa is that it doesn’t have Hindi support.

This may mean that Google has a major advantage as local users would rather use the technology in their mother tongue instead of English. Until now, Indians imported the Home smart devices.

Google Home for India also features interesting new updates like the ability to pair it with Bluetooth speakers and support for major local music streaming services. Google is still working on voice interaction with the new features.

Google Home’s Exclusive Features

The Google devices also include support for English (India), not just for the English (U.S.) language. English (India) is apparently an effort to understand local dialects of English. Many users reported that the English (U.S.) version often failed to respond to trigger words when uttered by Indians.

The performance of Google Home and Google Mini is expected to further improve in the coming months. It is unclear when exactly the two devices will be rolled out in India. The pricing is unknown too.

Despite the language support, Google Home may not be very popular because of the price. Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart home devices cost from INR 4,499 (the Echo Dot) to INR 14,999 (the Echo Plus).

In November, Google allowed Indian developers to build apps for its devices, which means that Amazon will no longer have exclusivity when it comes to third-party apps.
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