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Google May Be Even More Intrusive than Facebook

Smartphone user accessing Google MapsFacebook may be selling your personal data to private consulting firms, keep a secret record of all your calls and SMS, and never delete your videos despite telling it to, but there’s another tech company that seems even more intrusive than Facebook: Google.

Google can listen in to you through its smart speaker, track you, monitor you, and even build a personal profile of you in its pursuit for profit. The web search giant has become so powerful that it can track nearly every aspect of your life.

This means that it knows where have you been lately based only on your phone data; it knows what your plans are by just looking at your input in the Google Calendars. Your hobbies and interests are no secret to Google since you provided valuable hints in Google search, Google-owned YouTube, and Google Play. If you use Gmail, the company knows even more about you.

Surprisingly, a user that failed to shut down their location history from the Settings of Google Maps can be tracked via their smartphone around the town like there is no tomorrow. You can see a history of your outings in your Timeline. Google’s traffic app Waze is no different either.

People No Longer Care about their Privacy

Just like Facebook, Google heavily relies on collecting user data to monetize it via online ads. Each Google user has an advertising profile cropped from all the data that user offered Google when it accessed one of its services.

If you are curious to learn what Google knows about you (in a simplified version) just go to Ads Settings. You can shut down the service if you want to delete the saved topics.

The most disturbing part is that not everyone is aware of or care about the fact that private companies harvest so much personal data on them. People usually don’t care how that data is exploited either, with many of them arguing that there is no problem with tech companies tracking every aspect of their lives as long as they don’t have anything to hide.

But as former NSA contractor and world-renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden once said, dismissing your right to privacy because you have nothing to hide “is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”
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