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California Rocket Scientist Blasts Himself into Sky to Prove Earth is Flat

Flat Earth rocket blasts off in CaliforniaRocket scientist Mike Hughes has been pushing for the flat Earth conspiracy theory for years. Over the weekend, he was finally able to blast himself 1,875 feet into the sky to prove that the Earth is flat.

His efforts date back to 2014, when he reportedly first launched himself into the sky aboard of a rocket he built from scratch. However, he hasn’t provided evidence of that endeavor until now.

On March 24, he did it again. He launched himself from a mobile launch pad in Amboy, California. The launch comes after several delays spurred by technical problems and legal hurdles.

The Bureau of Land Management barred him from launching himself into the air on public land. So, he had to find a land owner near Amboy willing enough to allow him conduct the experiment from his private property.

A Successful Launch

The self-taught scientist’s steam-powered “Flat Earth” rocket launched from a site near Amboy, traveled 1,875 into the air, and landed in the Mojave Desert. Hughes survived the launch unharmed.

He noted that the original launch date was in November but he had to postpone it several times. His launch pad was a mobile home that was transformed into a vertical ramp. The launch and landing were a a success.

Currently, the rocket scientist plans to launch himself higher into the California sky this summer. He plans to design a balloon from which the rocket can blast off. If all goes well, he’d be able to climb 68 miles and hit the limit where space begins. The next experiment is slated for August.

Experts explained that with a flat planet, Hughes’ plan would not be possible as the rocket would just drift sideways without the perfect launch location. Also, the rocket would not be able to return under the physics of  flat Earth.
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