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YouTube to Spam Users to Pay for Music

YouTube channelYouTube plans to boost the number of commercials between music videos to convince users to pay for music. The Google-owned video streaming website is reportedly preparing for a subscription music service.

Lyor Cohen who leads the tech giant’s music unit announced that users who treat YouTube as their favorite music service will soon encounter more ads. Cohen is aware that users will not be happy, especially when they put their favorite tracks on continuous play.

The move is designed to convince critics that YouTube is on the side of the recording industry since it will push for people to pay for their favorite music. Critics have long criticized the platform for hosting illegal content and harming artists.

In the U.S., the top online music services are Spotify and Apple Music. The two services have free content, but they are strongly based on subscriptions, which brings revenue to the recording industry.

In 2017, YouTube’s ad revenue stood at $10 billion. If it starts selling subscriptions that revenue could multiply.

Users Who Will Pay for Music Will Have Access to Exclusive Content

Yet, it is not the first time the Google-owned company tries to force users into paying for music. All efforts have failed, but Cohen, who worked for the music industry for three decades before joining YouTube, thinks that the latest strategy will be successful.

Cohen explained that the incoming service, which is already used by Google workers, would “frustrate and seduce” the audience until they pay for the service. Subscribers will have access to exclusive music videos, perks, and special playlists. YouTube has reportedly invested millions in new content production.

Industry analysts believe the new service will lead to a cultural shift in a world where free services are dying. Paying users will be spared of “excessive ad loads,” while those who insist on accessing the service for free should expect more ads including ads promoting the new paid service.
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