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Zuckerberg reveals plans for Facebook’s Artificial intelligence project

With Facebook planning to launch a research lab for artificial intelligence, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg talked about the project at the conference today.


Micheal Shroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer along with Zuckerberg also attended the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference. Yann LeCun of New York University for Data Science posted on Facebook about the conference.

LeCeun mentioned in his post that NYU and Facebook would partner for researching artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. The post also added that Facebook researchers for artificial intelligence will carry out their work in California and New York.

Facebook’s moving into AI isn’t a new move as the group had already started in September, according to the recent comments made by Zuckerberg in November.

The company’s specific plans for AI wasn’t revealed due to the unavailability of Facebook’s spokeswoman. However she hinted at the company’s big ambitions for AI project.

“The goal here is to use new approaches in AI to help make sense of all the content that people share so that we can generate new insights about the world to answer people questions. We started assembling some of the best people in the field to work on these problems”

According to an MIT  Technology review, Facebook’s news feed provides scope for enhancement with AI. Users can expect changes in the news feed and other changes in experience with the use of AI also which can be hard to find.

Zuckerburg attending the conference would have definitely given a boost to the innovative minds in the field. However the company is ready to face the challenges in the AI project as Zuckerberg’s presentation hints that huge money would be spent for research and development.


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