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Retailers to List Their Products on Google Search

Google home pageGoogle Inc has just struck a deal with major U.S. retailers to allow them to list their products on Google Search. Google’s partners in the new program include Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and Ulta Beauty.

These companies will be able to promote their products on the tech giant’s Google Assistant on tablets and smartphones and via Google Express shopping service. In return, retailers will pay the web search giant a fee for every purchase. The new approach is different from what retailers usually have to pay when accessing Google ads.

Google is confident that the new move will entice its users to purchase more from its partners, which will give it an edge against rival Amazon. Retailers hope the new program will enable them to sell more to smartphone, desktop, and smart home device owners. Smart home devices are considered a very lucrative portion of e-commerce.

Google Giving Buyers More Choice

Google got the idea for the partnership from its users’ behavior. Tens of thousands of users use its image search service to identify a product they only have a picture of. These users usually type in phrases like ‘Where can I buy this?’ or ‘How can I buy this?’

Google noted that these types of searches jumped 85% over the last few years. Most of these potential buyers are redirected to Amazon’s website which narrows their purchase options. The new program called Shopping Actions plans to solve this issue and give customers more choice.

Google unveiled that the program will first be rolled out in the United States. All retailers will be able to access the program not just the big-box ones, a company spokesperson said. Google also boasted to be an ‘enabler of retail’ unlike Amazon. Google reportedly wants to enable retailers to reaches better transactions and their customers, according to its spokesperson.
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