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Apple Designing Own Screen Displays in Secret California Plant

White iPhone and laptopPeople familiar with the situation claim that Apple Inc is designing its own screen displays in a secret plant in California. For now, the company reportedly plans to product a limited number of screens for tests.

Apple is especially interested in MicroLED screens as it tries to get better and beat rivals like South Korea electronics giant Samsung. Sources requested their identity not to be revealed as the iPhone maker wants the plans to remain secret.

MicroLED screens are better than OLED screens because there are slimmer, more energy efficient, and brighter than current technologies as they use a special type of light-emitting LEDs. However, these screens require a more advanced technological know-how than OLED displays.

Sources said Apple nearly abandoned the project in 2017 because of its complexity. Ever since, engineers have tried to do their best in pushing the technology to an advanced stage. However, Apple’s screen will require a few more years before they hit the market, sources claim.

Apple To Build Screen Displays In-House

It is not the first time Apple tries to build a key compound of its products in-house. Over the last year, the tech giant has started manufacturing its own chipsets. If it is successful in producing MicroLED screens, some of its suppliers will miss important business opportunities.

Apple’s screen display suppliers include Samsung, LG Display, Japan Display, Synaptics Inc, and Sharp Corp. The move may also be damaging to Universal Display Corp, which is one of the key inventors of the OLED technology.

Following the news the shares of Asian display makers fell by 4.4 percent in the case of Japan Display, 3.3 percent in the case of Sharp, 1.4 percent in the case of Samsung.

If Apple becomes a successful MicroLED maker, it could become better than Samsung which is well-known for its technological advanced screens.
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