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Developers Can Now Tap Google Maps for More Immersive Games

AR Game on smartphoneGoogle announced that game developers now have access to Google Maps and APIs if they want to create augmented reality (AR) games. After the move, developers will be able to mix realities and generate titles that are more immersive than Pokemon Go.

Google is aware that devs need to understand the physical environment their players are moving in before developing a succesful real-world game. Google boasts that Maps is a ‘tried-and-tested’ model of the world.

Game developers can reimagine real-world scenarios into fantasy ones like medieval towns or zombie-infested ghost cities. Google Maps offers location data and real-time updates of changes in the environment. So, game studios can pick the best locations to set the context of their games.

Google showcased the many opportunities that Maps can offer via its Unity game engine. Unity can transform real-world bridges, buildings, or parks into in-game objects in the blink of an eye. Developers can play with textures, colors, customization for the optimal game experience.

Google Maps Can Enable Devs Create Breathtaking Experiences

Google noted that, by using Maps as a foundation for their games, devs will save time and energy when creating AR experiences. With the new option, users will be able to hunt for dinosaurs in real-world locations.

What’s more, Maps is not limited to the United States. Developers can access any part of the world when trying to build a fantasy world. Maps includes data on 200 counties, 100 million landmarks, buildings, and roads.

Another piece of good news is that as buildings or roads are being constructed, gamers will have access to that data immediately. Developers are confident that exploring the world’s most famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, India Gate, or Statue of Liberty would create a “breathtaking experience.”

Google Maps APIs will also help developers spot the most engaging and fun to play locations across the world. Finding relevant locations for an AR experience has often been a challenging endeavor.
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