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MS Executive Confirms ‘Mode’ Rumor about Windows 10 S

Windows 10Last month, the rumor mill had it that Microsoft would release Windows 10 S as a mode for Windows 10, rather than a separate version. This week, a Microsoft executive confirmed that rumor.

The executive also said that the Windows 10 S mode would be released in 2019. Joe Belfiore who leads the company’s Operating Systems Group broke the news to PC World in a recent interview.

PC World contacted him to seek clarification on why Microsoft hadn’t included any info on the Windows 10 S version in its blog posts. Windows devices are extremely popular in the education sphere, so the tech magazine wanted to learn the fate of Windows 10 S.

The operating system was rolled out in May 2017 as a stand-alone version of Microsoft’s OS for desktop. Starting next year, it will operate as a “mode” under the Windows 10 umbrella.

Windows 10 S is a lighter version of the current Windows 10 versions, which only allows the installation of software that is available on the Microsoft Store. A major drawback is that it only allows Microsoft Edge as web browser, while Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are left out.

The two companies could make their browsers compatible with Windows 10 S if they create a Universal Windows Platform for the browsers and send those versions to the Windows Store.

While the restrictions may seem off-putting, they have some advantages. Only apps that are vetted by Windows technicians can be installed on the operating system, which cuts the risk of malware and cyber-attacks significantly.

Experts expect the Windows 10 S Mode to stick to the same ‘philosophy.’ Also, with the new mode, Microsoft will be able to push that philosophy on more Windows users as the OS will be available on most versions in the Windows 10 family.
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