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BlackBerry Slaps Facebook with Lawsuit over Patent Infringement

WhatsApp iconIn a recent lawsuit filed against Facebook, Blackberry claims that the social media giant has infringed some of its patents on some instant messaging features, battery, and encryption.

The phone maker seeks an injunction on Facebook’s practices and wants to be compensated based on the amount of lost profits. Other defendants in the suit are WhatsApp and Instagram, which are owned by Facebook.

Blackberry believes that the two Facebook-owned services are latecomers to the messaging world, while accusing Facebook of adding many features that were first patented by Blackberry to the said services.

According to a press release Tuesday, Facebook infringed Blackberry’s intellectual property despite years-long negotiations. Blackberry underlined that it has an obligation to it investors to tap the necessary legal remedies.

A spokesperson for Facebook said that the lawsuit “sadly reflects” its rival’s messaging business which reportedly lacks innovation and Blackberry wants extra cash by taxing the innovation from others.

BlackBerry Accuses Facebook of Patent Infringement

BlackBerry is adamant that some of the messaging capabilities Facebook is currently using were invented by its engineers.

BlackBerry also hinted that a partnership with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp would lead to a securely connected feature. “[…] we continue to hold this door open to them,” the company added.

The suit alleges that Facebook’s messaging apps for mobile devices include innovations from BlackBerry like security features, cross-platform notifications, user interface, and Instagram’s feature to share stories with Facebook.

Last year, BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against Nokia, citing patent infringement in that case too.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion four years ago. It has allowed the app to use IBM cloud-services to store the data ever since. But last year, the social media giant announced that it would move WhatsApp data from IBM to its own data centers.
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