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Facebook Survey: Should Pedophiles Be Allowed to Ask Kids for Sexual Pics?

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and blogger Mark Robert ScobleAn eyebrow-raising Facebook survey asked users if they would be ok with a pedophile aka an ‘adult man’ asking a 14-year-old child for sexual pictures via the platform. The survey which ran Sunday sought to see how other users perceived child grooming on the website.

When it posted the awkward question, the social media platform wanted to know “if in an ideal world” where users could set the social media platform’s policies, it would be ok for a predator to send a private message to a 14-year-old girl asking for sexy images of her.

Respondents had to choose between answers that stated either that such content has no business being on the website and no one should ever see it or the content should be allowed as the user would not mind seeing naked pictures of 14-year-olds on Facebook.

Facebook Survey March 4, 2018
Facebook survey on Mar. 4, 2018. Credit: Jonathan Haynes/The Guardian

The website also wanted to know who should ultimately decide such policies: Facebook, independent experts, or the community. Curiously enough, there was no option such as child protection agencies or law enforcement under the question.

A ‘Stupid’ and ‘Irresponsible’ Survey

U.K. lawmakers were appalled by the survey. MP Yvette Cooper described the poll as stupid and irresponsible. She underlined that an adult man asking for explicit photos from a 14-year-old is not only unlawful and completely wrong, but it also a blatant case of represents child abuse and exploitation.

Cooper believes that Facebook has just send the message that such behavior might be tolerated or acceptable on the platform.

A Facebook spokesperson admitted that the survey was a mistake. The company explained that such surveys are designed to get feedback from the community on how Facebook should set its policies.

Facebook insisted that pedophilia is a ‘completely unacceptable’ behavior on the platform, and that question should have never been included in the poll. “That was a mistake,” the company added. Ironically, Facebook has just launched a messaging app for kids.
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