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Twitch Streamer Confessed to Killing ‘Sh**y’ Dog because of Owner

Twitch streamer Aqua on live streamDuring a live stream, a Twitch streamer known as Aqua confessed that the worst thing to do to a person was to kill their dog. Her comments sparked a huge backlash on the Amazon-owned live streaming video platform.

The girl said she killed the dog during the times she worked as a veterinarian technician. RajjPatel who moderated the Q&A session was shocked. He said he would have liked for her not to say that.

What was even more shocking was the streamer’s detachment and lack of remorse when she gave the answer. Rajj owns a popular channel and often invites fellow-streamers to discuss various life topics.

Raji and his other guests were shocked that a person could take revenge on a dog because they didn’t like that dog’s owner. Aqua said that she killed the animal on purpose, but “nobody knew, because ya know, I’m a professional.”

Dog’s Owner Was a ‘Bad Person’

When things turned awkward, the streamer tried to excuse her behavior saying that the owner was a “bad person.” So, she thought that the animal was “pretty shit too”. When asked how old the dog was, she replied, “like four or so”.

When Rajj tried to undo the damage, he asked Aqua if she ever regretted what she did. The answer was quite blunt: “shitty dog and shitty person.” Moments later, the streamer was removed from the chat, with Raji explaining to his audience that he couldn’t continue the interview with a person that can be so cruel to a dog.

Aqua is the online alias of a gamer and popular Twitch streamer named Simone Scott IRL. Scott made the revelations Tuesday. Her channel has more than 1,000 followers, but she hasn’t been seen online since the incident. She has yet to reply to a request for comment, too.
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