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iPhone X Plus Leak: Apple Working on Largest iPhone Ever

The iPhone XAccording to a recent leak about the incoming iPhone X Plus, Apple is working on three different handsets that could make up for iPhone X’s missed expectations.

One of the incoming models is touted as the largest iPhone ever, another model will be cheaper than the iPhone X but still sport some of its key features, while a third model will match the iPhone X in size but have upgraded features.

The new lineup is designed to meet the demands of all kinds of iPhone users from those that love the complex features of phablets to those looking for an iPhone that is less costly than the iPhone X.

People familiar with the matter said the company is currently engaged in production tests with iPhone suppliers, and the new models will reach the market this fall. However, the plans may change. according to sources.

The iPhone X missed sale expectations by a notable margin despite of months of aggressive advertising. In last year’s Q4, only 77.3 million handsets were sold, while analysts’ expectations stood at 80.2 million iPhones.

A Larger iPhone Likely to Revive Sales

Most buyers postponed the purchase because of the iPhone X’s prohibitive price ($1,000) even though they admitted that the latest model was more cutting-edge than the iPhone 8. With the new plans, Apple plans to lure back iPhone users with a lineup that offers a model for every taste.

Apple watchers confirmed that Apple’s move to sizably upgrade a phone’s display would make people buy the phone in droves. This is what happened with the iPhone 6, and the history may repeat itself with the iPhone X’s succesor.

Analysts estimate that the largest jump in sales will be reported for Asia since most Asians own a single device and they are very keen on big smartphones.

Apple declined to confirm the revelations. Sources say that the incoming 6.5 inch model will be one of the largest phones on the market, and Apple’s biggest iPhone. The phone will not be larger than the iPhone 8 Plus, but due to the edge-to-edge technology the display will be one-inch wider.
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