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First-Gen Apple TVs Soon to Be Denied Access to iTunes

Back of an Apple TvThe first-generation of Apple TVs was launched in January 2007, and now Apple thinks that it is time for them to say goodbye to iTunes. The tech giant announced that the iTunes support for these devices will be severed in May.

In the meantime, the Apple TV digital player has reached the fifth generation supporting the 4k technology. iTunes has also been updated on a constant basis to the point that older computers are about to lose support.

Apple has announced that it would roll out new security changes on May 25. Those new features are not compatible with the first-gen of Apple TVs, which means that they will be barred from accessing iTunes.

Also, older computers powered by Windows XP or Windows Vista will be denied access to the iTunes Store, as well. Apple assured Windows XP and Vista fans that their devices will continue to be compatible with the current version of iTunes. But after May 25, they will no longer be able to shop in the iTunes Store or download older purchases. Only the holders of a Windows 7 license or newer will be granted full access.

The First Apple TVs Are ‘Obsolete’

Apple believes that the first Apple TV devices are ‘obsolete’ technology. Users who still enjoy the devices after more than a decade will be asked to upgrade. Second-gen Apple TVs are still compatible with iTunes, but be wary that they might be next on Apple’s obsolete-item list.

Experts recommend upgrading to the 4th generation for $149.99 or the 5th gen if you are looking for that nifty 4k support. Meanwhile, you can access the Apple TV app on any iPad or iPhone. The 4k Apple TV retails for $179.99 via the Apple Store unless you get it for free if you happen to find a great deal.
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