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Steve Jobs’ Error-Riddled CV Going up for Auction in Boston

One of late Apple founder Steve Jobs’ CVs is going up for Auction at a Boston-based auction house. The error-riddled job application form will not come cheap since its value was estimated at $50,000 by RR Auction experts.

Steve Jobs holding a Mac Book

The news was met with enthusiasm as many Apple fans would like the pricey piece of paper added to their collection. Jobs reportedly filled out the form four decades ago before Apple was even born. RR Auction said the file will be sold during a culture-pop-themed auction in March.

The CV was crafted a few years before Jobs and friend Steve Wozniak decided to found Apple Inc. In October 2011, Jobs lost the battle to cancer.

The job application form is not very specific on what position the innovator was going after. But it does include some details that can help us better understand the famed tech pioneer.

Steve Jobs Was Looking for Position in Tech and Design Field

According to The Guardian, the Apple founder wrote in his CV that he wanted a position in the design field and technology. He mentioned his job experience as design engineer at Hewlett-Packard as a special ability. His spelling of the tech company’s name was erroneous: “Hewitt-Packard.” He also misspelled the name of the college he was attending in Oregon before moving to Bay Area as “reed College”.

Jobs also wrote that he had a driver’s license, but he did not own a car at the time. Years later, he said in an interview that he didn’t even have a landline at the time. The CV is packed with spelling and punctuation mistakes, but Apple fans think that the tidbits give the document a specific flavor.

The auction house valued the 1-page document at $50,000. We do not know how many of Apple enthusiasts actually have the money and willingness to spend it on a piece of paper, but experts are confident that the document will sell for much more.
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