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Metal Gear Survive to Be Available on Steam Feb. 22

Metal Gear Survive will be available on Steam on February 22, but you can already pre-purchase it for €39,99. Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform offers “exclusive DLC items” to players that will pre-purchase the game.

Screenshot from Metal Gear Survive

It is unclear if the latest title will live up to the series’ reputation, but after the impressions on launch day some gamers weren’t that convinced the game is worth a try. The storyline involves a zombie-infested planet in an alternate universe similar to The Phantom Pain’s plot.

However, the action in Survive is seemingly placed chronologically before Phantom Pain according to a cutscene in its single-player campaign. Yet, that wouldn’t make any sense since Diamond Dogs spurred after the complete destruction of the base of Militaires Sans Frontières. We couldn’t figure it out if that was a mistake or an intentional mystery.

Some players’ first impression of the game was that the storyline suggests a rather ‘mediocre’ game based on action-survival. Some continuity questions can be annoying and the expositional quests in the first hours were described as boring.

Some Rather Dull First Few Hours

Some die-hard fans are concerned that the new title may not offer much novelty. In the first hours, you are able to hunt down small animals, look for a source of drinking water, and craft a spear just in case of an encounter with those pesky Wanderers. There is also a pick-up-the-garbage part and a series of time-consuming quests.

The overall combat experience is smooth, but the first few hours into the campaign will only enable you to go melee. Fortunately, those headless Wanderers don’t need a firearm to drop like flies.

The game’s interface is intuitive as it allocates just a few buttons to cycling through the available equipment. There are explosives, a primary and secondary weapon, and hand-made barriers that can be launched even during battles.

However, despite the nice interface and smooth experience, Survive is lacking the usual hair-rising challenges and encounters we have grown accustomed to.
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