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World’s largest SSD Has 30.72 TB Capacity

Sony 4 GB MicroSdSamsung Electronics Co. unveiled the world’s largest SSD which now has a capacity of 30.72 terabytes (TB). The company said that it has already started the production of the solid state drive, which will be included in the future storage systems.

Samsung’s second largest SSD is the 15.36 TB SSD which is powered by V-NAND technology. That drive was launched in March 2016. The company said that the 30 TB drive is made of multiple NAND flash packages of 1TB capacity each.

Those packages can allow one terabyte to be stored in a 2.5-inch long chip. The 30 TB drive’s performance is also higher than previous SSD models. The SAS interface sports 12 GB/s random reading speeds, 400,000 IOPS, and writing speeds of up to 1,700 MB/second.

The random reading speeds are three to four times greater than those of a commercial-grade 2.5-inch SATA SSD. Samsung’s Jaesoo Han, who leads the company’s Memory Sales & Marketing Team boasted that the new SSD will open new horizons for compact super-high capacity storage technology across the world.

World’s Largest SSD Comes with 5-Year Warranty

Samsung was able to develop such ultra-fast technologies due to a series of enhancements of its controller, software, and DRAM hardware. The controller’s architecture is so compact it includes  nine lower-capacity controllers, which allows more storage space to be added to the device.

The new drive is also based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) tech which is behind a package that includes 40 GB of DRAM. It is the first time TSV technology is mixed with DRAM in a single SSD.

The company guarantees that the new SSD can write 30.72 TB daily from more than five years without errors. The warranty is five years.

Samsung first started to manufacture the 30.72 TB drive last month. It plans to add SSDs with capacities ranging from 800 GB to 15.36 TB to the lineup  in a bid to ease the transition from HDDs to SSDs.
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