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Silicon Valley Parents Banning Their Kids’ Screen Time

Small kids using their tabletsA growing number of Silicon Valley parents are prohibiting or restricting their kids’ screen time, knowing that modern-day technology can be potentially harmful to their children’s developing brains.

Many tech workers in the Bay Area have witnessed first-hand the addictive nature of some applications and electronic devices, and don’t think that buying their kid a tablet or smartphone would be a good idea.

Even high-level executives in major tech companies admitted that they have imposed restrictions on their children’s screen time habits over the years. For instance, when the iPad was released, Apple founder Steve Jobs praised it as a “wonderful device that brought you educational tools”.

He also said that the iPad is the best way a user could surf the web, watch videos, or keep in touch with other people. But two years after he made those statements he was asked whether his children loved the iPad.

Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them in effect,

Jobs replied.

Job, Gates Limited their Kids’ Access to Technology

Jobs explained that he realized the device can be quite addictive in its job to deliver some things to people rather quickly. He added that an iPad would have kept his kids hooked to some platforms that are extremely addictive everywhere they went, and he didn’t want that.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates had similar restrictions on kids’ screen time. In a 2007 interview, he unveiled that he had to set up those restrictions after his daughter became addicted to a video game.

Also, Gates and his wife, Melinda, didn’t purchase their kids a mobile phone until they were 14 years old. According to recent reports, parents buy their kids a phone at the age 10 on average.

According to a 2017 poll on nearly 1,000 adults in the Bay Area, most Silicon Valley parents are concerned about the impact of technology on their kids’ social skills and psychological development, even though they acknowledge the benefits.
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