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Messages Containing Indian Letter Can Remotely Crash an iPhone

iPhone 6 with smashed displayApple’s software woes aren’t over yet. After a horrendous week in late December, 2018’s start is not calmer either.

A new glitch that affects iOS 11 enables malicious actors to send a string of curious characters that can remotely crash an iPhone and temporarily bar users’ access to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, iPhone’s Messages, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail.

The first tech site to detect the bug was the Italy-based Mobile World, which claims that it has tested the glitch several times on systems powered by the iOS 11.2.5. The bug can also disable Messages and Safari running on macOS versions.

Apple promised to address the issue with an update before it rolls out a new version of its iOS this spring.

Crash Bug Affecting iOS 11’s Latest Version

The bug crashes the phone whenever somebody sends an Indian letter to the device. The iOS Springboard reportedly freezes the moment Messages has received the message. The app will crash too as it is failing to load the letter. The only way you can fix the freezing loop is to ask somebody to send you another message and try to delete the thread that includes the Indian letter.

The bug can disable other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. However, experts said that for WhatsApp and similar services, the problem will not easily go away, as the user has to enable web access. Skype and Telegram do not seem to be affected.

The beta testers of iOS 11.3 said that the version is stable and is not affected by the glitch.

It isn’t the first time a text message can crash an iPhone. In January, several users reported that sending a specific link could disable the iPhone. The issue was fixed after the release of iOS 11.2. In 2015, iMessage froze whenever a string of weird letters was sent. A year later, a 5-second clip could crash the iOS.
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