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Here’s Why Apple Keeps Its Multibillion-Dollar HQ Secret

Apple's headquarters Apple has just explained why its $5 billion HQ dubbed the Apple Park will remain hidden from the public. Non-employees will reportedly not be allowed in because the building hosts a lot of confidential data.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told investors that were touring the Steve Jobs Theater on the company’s new multibillion-dollar campus Tuesday that they weren’t allowed to visit the inside of the main building.

When one investor asked him when the Apple Park would be open for the public, Cook suggested never.

The problem with opening up the main facility for tours is we have so much confidential stuff around,

the Apple boss told shareholders.

He jokingly said that his purpose in life is now to keep stuff confidential for the sake of business. Last year, the company’s head designer Jony Ive expressed a similar view about the building. Ive called the construction “our hosue” at some point.

Apple Park Was Not Built for Other People

He disclosed that the campus was not built “for other people”. He slammed criticism as “bizarre” because people don’t seem to understand that the headquarters were not designed for them in the first place.

In other words, only Apple employees with proper authentication can get inside the building. Even if you will attend a meeting on the campus, you will not be allowed to roam free inside the building, people familiar with the matter said.

Some employees snapped pictures of the place and uploaded them on Instagram, but the images were immediately taken down after Business Insider published the images in a report earlier this month.

Cook promised to shareholders to take a picture of the place and personally send it to them. Visitors have their own place on the campus but just across the street, where they can go to a café and an Apple store.
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