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Google Wants Chat Bots to Reply to Text Messages for You

WhatsApp app on smartphoneGoogle plans to bring smart chat bots to several messaging services. A couple of years ago, the tech giant rolled out the feature for its Gmail and Inbox. Ai-based computer algorithms could scan email messages and offer a feedback on behalf of the user through short and quick messages.

Google now wants to embed that feature into more chat apps, including those not owned by the company. The chat bots can already chat in your place on Inbox, Gmail, and Allo. The company wants to add the feature called Smart Reply to Handouts and Android Messages.

Some Android users already have access to the nifty feature if they have enrolled in the Project Fi. The ultimate goal is to release the feature for the masses as soon as possible. So, Facebook Messenger, Google’s WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and Slack could be next.

It is unclear how Smart Replay will be implemented in each of these apps. It remains unclear which regions will benefit from the new feature either. Google developers don’t know whether they’ll have to use the feature for their apps or design similar features from scratch.

Google Scraping Disruptive Ads

Another major change Google wants to make is getting rid of annoying ads. Some sites automatically play ads at full volume without visitors’ consent. These disruptive ads are very loud and the exit icon is usually almost invisible.

Numerous people have complained to Google about these advertisements that manage to ruin their online experiences. Google promised to block the ads on the sites that display them starting February 15.

This week, Chrome browser will receive an update that will block popup ads on the sites that have been flagged as being hosts to these types of ads. The browser will largely rely on the Better Ads Standards to weed out the ads. Some legitimate Google ads may be blocked in the process too.
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