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Fixing Your HomePod Nearly as Costly as a Brand New Device

Apple's HomePodDamaging your HomePod without a warranty could prove very costly depending on what part of it you have managed to crack. According to a new update to the company’s support pages, the price tag of a out-of-warranty fix is $279.

If you add to that sum the shipping costs ($20), you would have spent nearly the full price of a new smart speaker. So, consider getting an extended warranty via AppleCare for $78, if your speaker is located in an environment that makes it is prone to accidents.

One of the cheapest repair operations is a damaged cord fix, which costs $29. It is the sole instance when you’ll be better off repairing a part of the HomePod than buying a brand new spare part.

Experts noted that the likelihood of a repair for a HomePod is very slim when compared to the chances of a damaged Mac or iPhone. The HomePod is located in a fixed place in your home, and unless you have small children or pets, you’ll rarely need to repair it.

The HomePod Comes with User Guide, Helpful Tutorials

The HomePod was launched Friday, with a two-month delay, in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.  Apple’s $350 gadget is powered by its smart assistant Siri. If you have difficulties with setting it up or want to get the most out of it, you can either access this mini user guide or watch a set of three tutorials recently rolled out by Apple.

One of the video tutorials teaches you how to tweak the speaker’s settings via your Home app on your smartphone. From there, access the HomePod card and tap Details. There you’ll be able to instruct the smart speaker to let your listening history have a say on the device’s recommendation or not.

You can also block unsafe content from that tab, if you happen to have visitors with sensitive ears coming over and many more.
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