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Snapchat Facing Major Makeover. Here’s What You Need to Know

Snapchat app on smatphone screen.Snapchat is about to change in a major way following the latest update. However, not all fans were pleased with the changes. Thousands of users have complained that the new features confuse them.

The company replied that the update is here to stay as it is needed for a better monetization of the platform. A spokesperson acknowledged that the changes are confusing and that people will need some time to get used to them.

The new version of the image messaging service will sport some new features. For instance, the way you can access Stories has changed. Instead of swiping left on the camera screen, you’ll have to swipe right and go to the Friends Page.

The Friends Page is packed with your friends’ content and group chats. After the update all group chats will feature their own stories called Group Stories. Yet, users are confused as the Friends Page is now overcrowded with all kinds of updates.

Major Changes to Stories

Also, new Stories from friends will now have a round preview bubble to the left of each user’s name. To access the new Story, you’ll just have to tap the preview icon. You can also swipe to skip new Stories or just exit by swiping down.

If you liked a friend’s Story and would like to see it again you can do that by accessing the Friends screen and their bitmoji.

Another major change is that Stories no longer appear in chronological order. The app will now rank your Stories and your friends depending on how often you interact with those persons.

Snapchat believes that this is the easiest way to find content that is truly relevant to you. If you want to access the Stories of a friend with whom you don’t really communicate that much, you will be able to look for his or her by typing their name in the Friends Page’s search bar.
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