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Creating Music Playlists with You Voice via Alexa

Now Alexa can help you create music playlists using only your voice. On February 9th, Amazon made the great announcement. Amazon Music listeners can ask Alexa to set up a playlist for them using their Alexa-enabled devices. All you have to do is say something like “Alexa, add this to my playlist” and Alexa will add that particular song to your playlist or will create a new one.

In January, Amazon has introduced support for SMS messaging using Alexa-enabled devices. Furthermore, in September 2017, it has also implemented Alexa’s support for its Amazon Music app for Android and iOS. The company indicates that the creation of the playlist represents one of the most-requested voice features.

Alexa-enabled devices can create music playlists if you tell them to

Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers and Prime Music listeners can now use this feature just like those having Amazon Music Unlimited Echo Plan. The premium streaming service is now available on Amazon Trap, Echo Show, Echo Dot and single Echo.

You can use this trick with the music playlist even if you are listening to the radio. Alexa will still be able to implement that song into your playlist. This small addition to the online music service is definitely a game changer. At the moment, voice control for other competing services such as Apple Music and Spotify can go as far as requesting a certain song, radio station, album, and artist. Furthermore, you can use voice control to ask the app to repeat the song or skip it.

Summing up

The new feature added by Amazon presupposes the development of music playlists using Alexa-enabled devices. You can either ask Alexa to develop a completely new playlist from scratch or add a song to your current playlist. This change indicates that the voice control for Alexa is different than for other similar apps.

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