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Sending Texts From the Web with Android Messages

Google has now many messaging apps. However, many of the best ideas of the company are now in the underused area known as Allo. Rumor has it Google is planning to bring one of the best features of Allo. It is a web interface to its SMS app Android Messages. Towards the end of the last year, Google implemented support for a web-interface in Allo.

This interface permitted users to continue their conversations from the desktop. This is an extraordinary toll. However, few people managed to use it since not many people generally use Allo. Soon, Google intends to bring this functionality to Android Messages, its SMS app. Android Messages is hinted at within version 2.9 of the widely used app.

Soon we will send texts from the web

Android Messages prepares for a new interface which implements the use of QR codes. This can pair up with a web interface to interact with SMS messages. The main idea is to make this work irrespective of the carrier, offering support for RCS, MMS and SMS messaging.

Users will be able to sign into a computer in order to read and send messages. A small notification will show up within the Android app, indicating that the phone is connected to the computer. Service may support multiple computers. Since the functionality of RCS is rising, this could represent the Android’s answer to the iMessage app developed by Apple. However, this is only a speculation.

Summing up

The new Android Messages feature brought by Google from Allo will change the way we send texts. We will be able to use the web interface of Google’s SMS app. Furthermore, rumor has it that users will be able to implement this irrespective of the carrier they use. Hence, they will obtain support for MMS, RCS and SMS messaging.

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