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Nissan 370Zki Revealed During the Chicago Auto Show

At the Chicago Auto Show, the automaker revealed a new car concept, namely the Nissan 370Zki. This vehicle has over ten years of production and still manages to surprise drivers with the latest version of the iconic Z-car lineup. The Nissan 370Z features a V6 engine with 332 horsepower, a rear wheel drive, and a six-speed manual transmission.

Nevertheless, Nissan considered that they could improve this vehicle and they have transformed it into a snowmobile, Nissan 370Zki. The company took its Nissan 370Z and added some snowmobile tracks on the back and some skis on the front. Furthermore, the automaker decided to test their concept vehicle on the slopes in Wyoming, revealing its ability to drive through snow.

The new concept for the snowmobile Nissan 370Zki was revealed

Besides adding the skis, Nissan decided to stick with the 7-speed automatic transmissions and the well-known 3.7-liter V6 engine. Nevertheless, the company decided to remove the drivetrain from the roadster to fit the rear tracks. In this way, the car gained three extra inches of clearance. Next, they have developed custom mounts for the rear springs. The automaker also added 3-inch spacers to mount the tracks to the wheel hubs.

The Nissan 370Zki will feature its factory breaks. Nevertheless, the automaker decided to alter the front suspension to fit the raised ride height. In this way, it allowed appropriate travel for the skis. Furthermore, the car company also attached a custom wrap while also tinting the headlights yellow, making them look like ski goggles.

Summing up

Nissan has revealed its new concept snowmobile at the Chicago Auto Show. The Nissan 370Zki is part of the 370Z lineup. However, the automaker replaced the wheels with some skis and snowmobile tracks while also implementing a lot of new features.

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