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It Lurks Below: New Game Developed by Diablo Creator

The game developer David Brevik, who has created Diablo, is now working on a new game called It Lurks Below. He will release the game via the Graybeard Games studio. It Lurks Below will feature action-RPG mechanics and several collectible loots. This project is not as big as other projects Brevik has worked on since he developed it himself.

The new game combines sandbox-style worlds with Diablo-style dungeon-plumbing mechanics. Players will be thrilled, being able to dig and build just like in Minecraft or Terraria. Brevik stated that he is a big fan of Minecraft and Starbound. However, he wanted to offer the new game a personal touch. Therefore, he developed an RPG with leveling up and different classes.

New game coming up: It Lurks Below

Hence, players can get more and more powerful as they continue to fight the worst enemies, going deeper into the core of the game. It Lurks Below is going to be a roguelike mix, implementing what Brevik has done before with other games such as Hellgate: London and Diablo. This 2D game will allow players to explore procedurally generated levels filled with monsters.

Players will have to fight those monsters to level up while also collecting all sorts of items that could help them win battles. He argues that his new game will be “random built on random”. Considering the development of his previous games, It Lurks Below might be a total success.

Summing up

David Brevik, the developer of Diablo, is currently working on a new game. The game is called It Lurks Bellow, and it is inspired by games that Brevik has played or has developed in the past. The RPG features different classes and has lots of monsters you need to fight with to level up.

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