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The Delay of Anthem Was Confirmed by EA

EA has confirmed the delay of Anthem which is now predicted to come in 2019. The sci-fi RPG developed by Bioware will no longer be launched this year, as it was first rumored. Blake Jorgensen is the EA CEO. When rumors had started appearing about the development process of the game, he reassured the fans that everything is on schedule. Probably this looks like a delay, but it is not. By releasing the game in 2019, this will be in line with the original release window.

Jorgensen also argues that they want to release Anthem in 2019 because this year they will launch a new Battlefield game. It will be released in October 2018. Both media and gamers offer a lot of attention to games-as-service. Therefore, this is a smart move. EA might still regret its choice of launching Titanfall two between Battlefield and Call of Duty. The result was leaving an extraordinary game be forgotten even from the start.

EA has announced the delay of Anthem

If this is the reason why EA decided the delay of Anthem, then this is a good move. Even if fans and competitors might think that a delay is a sign of impaired development, this is not always the case. A delay can offer the developer’s team enough time to solve all those troubles if this is the case. Bioware is one of the best game developers, and fans should not be worried about the launch of Anthem.

Every games-as-service can trigger players to invest and become so passionate about the game that they would even wish to live there for years.

Summing up

The delay of Anthem is not necessarily a bad thing since this aligns with the original release period. This delay might mean that the developing team is working hard to fulfill fans’ expectations. They just want to invest all the time needed to make fans more engaged when the game is launched.

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